Mission: Creating commercials and 1 explanatory video to publicly announce how SIX Banking is simplifying payments through QR bills and e-bills.
Key messages: With evolution of the payment slips, digital payments are convenient, quick and efficient. With one click, paying invoices have never been any easier.
In a nutshell: When too complicated or too absurd, technology doesn’t always make life easier. Paying through QR bills with SIX is easy as ABC.

Spot #1 "Drone"

In a suburban area, a father attempts to share his drone piloting skills to his daughter…

Spot #2 "DOMOTIC"

On their first date, a geek tries to impress his counterpart by showcasing his flat filled with (useless) technology.

Spot #3 "VR"

Bruno loves vintage video games and basketball. He learns the hard way the realities of Virtual Reality.


The storyboard for the Domotic film.

Making Of

An intense and fun 2 days shoot including: Amazing clients, killer executive production, splattering shirts, incredible grip work, poor sick child actress, out of season roses, giant cats, entangled drone, mustaches and much more…

Behind the scene


Client –  SIX: Nino Thommen, Gabriel Juri
Agency –  Felber Kristofori Group: Rudy Felber, Ralph Halder
Executive Production – MYGOSH: Ilonka Galliard

Production: Ramon + Pedro
Directors: Antoine Tinguely – Laurent Fauchère
Assistant Director: Valentin Graff
Producer: Fanny Vuattoux
Junior Producer: Tanya Weber
Data Manager: Romain Chautems
DOP: David Baumann
Camera Operator: Guillaume Darbellay
Grip: Quentin Juvet
Deco: Natasha Pont
Deco Assistant: Cécile Jaermann
Make-Up: Elisabeth Péclard, Delfina Di Georgi

Image post-production:
Editing: Valentin Graff
Color-Grading: Francois Jaquier
Compositing and visual effects: Félix Helfer
Sound post-production: Brian Bendahan

Casting :
EXPLANATORY – DOMOTIC Leonie Keller / Loic Bartolini
DRONE Manon Debonnaire /  Mathias Urban
VR BRILLE Laurent Sandoz