sky campagne 2019


After a successful first year campaign our challenge was:
How to get 50k unique Visitors on SKY.

Here is a montage of the TV films.


To promote SKY SPORT and especially HOCKEY, we worked with SKY on an add-on campaign re-using the same ingredients that were used with the ambassador of the main campaign to promote the three pillars of the brand and keep consistency.

SKY was able to approach Nico HISCHIER, the Swiss Hockey Player evolving in NHL and asked him to collaborate in two videos for SKY:

Nico hischier - TV spot

sky sport

One was a traditional TVC playing with the same codes as above :

– Ambassadors : Nico Hischier was directly calling out to The Swiss National Team’s goalkeeper and addressing him a message

– Sport actions : Some footages of Nico specially shot for this TVC

– The Swiss goalkeeper in his living room catching the puck (and hence, interacting with the content)

– The whao effect

Nico hischier - HIDDEN CAMERA

sky sport

The other video which went viral was a hidden camera shot during a U14 training. Nico, dressed up as a window cleaner, was invited on the ice. After a few passes, Nico operated with his magic and everyone was over the moon!


Quote from Ramon + Pedro: “Shooting this campaign was a great (and fun!) challenge as we had to review all our regular process of creative ideation and filming to make sure we could shoot all the campaign content needed for the year within one day with a celebrity working on a tight schedule and a limited budget. How refreshing it is to turn our creative thinking upside down to meet both our client expectations and reach our objectives !”

Quote from Fabrice Allegro (CMO SKY SWITZERLAND): “YES  !  We can be seen, loved and considered with a small budget! I think this “small” marketing budget was actually an opportunity which made us all – marketing department, communication agency and media agency- reconsider our practices and way of working and which has made us more effective and efficient than ever.”


Film: SKY Switzerland – Main campaign
Clients: Sky
Chief Marketing Officer: Fabrice Allegro
Marketing Manager: Nicolas Jelsch
Concept: Ramon + Pedro
Directors: Laurent Fauchère & Antoine Tinguely
Producer: Constance von Braun & Fanny Vuattoux
Producer Junior: Marina Klopotov
Account Manager: Fanny Vuattoux

DoP: David Baumann
Assistant Camera:
1st. Claudio Artieda
2nd. Baptiste Jehan
3rd. Quentin Juvet
Sound engineer: David Pautener
Déco: Natacha Pont + Amandine Villena
Hair and Make Up Stylist: Delfina Di Giorgi

Editor: Valentin Graff
Colorist: Francois Jacquier
BTS: Romain Chautems

DoP & Camera 1: Claudio Artieda
Camera 2: Guillaume Darbelley
Camera 3: Valentin Graff
Assistant Camera: Jean-Baptiste Andrez
Gaffer: Raphaël Piguet
Sound engineer: Igor Marlot
Make Up: Elisabeth Péclard

Editor: Valentin Graff