In their pitch brief, the “Ligue de football professionnel” asked participating agencies to rebrand the Ligue 1 for the 2016-2020 period. The key points were the following: 1. Brand universe; to recreate it or make it evolve 2. To show a slight color evolution 3. To keep the Logo. A strong visual connection is needed between the titles sequences, the on-air graphics, as well as on the prints and the stadium.


Our choice was to update the existing branding principles that we had developed for the 2012-2016 era.

The methodology was to extrude an element of their existing logo to create shapes that became support for the text and images.

direction "led in motion"

A separate direction was presented which consisted in a player wearing led lights that was shot at night.

Echoes were created in post production to highlight the beauty and raw power of the football players.

Brand book (pitch)

Another pitch was created to create the brand book of the Ligue, to be then distributed to the official broadcasters Canal+ and Bein as well as each clubs for their in stadium jumbotrons.