1,2,3 Rêvez !


Le quartier des arts.

Plateforme 10 is home to 3 museums of the Canton of Vaud, mudac (design), Photo Elysée (Photography), and MCBA (fine arts). It is also a real Lausanne neighborhood : Le quartier des arts.

Client Plateforme 10
Project Campagne Immersion
Platform RS / WEB / OOH

Different thematic

Since 2023 Platfrome 10 is hosting a series of transversal exhibits in the three museums. Our task was to create a concept that could, carry through the different thematic to come, and explain that the visitors will be able to experience them through three museums .

1,2,3 Rêvez,

Words from the client

«The strength of the Platform 10 proposal lies in its richness and diversity. Ramon + Pedro immediately understood this and managed to translate this complexity into a simple, intuitive, and effective message. It was quite a challenge, hats off to them!»
avatar client
Olivier Müller Responsable Communication et Marketing


Client Plateforme 10
Concept / Production Ramon + Pedro
Creative directors Antoine Tinguely / Laurent Fauchère

Account director Christel Sonnard

Director Antoine TInguely / François Jaquier
Producer Christel Sonnard
DoP Romain Chautems 
Droniste Romain Chautems 
Making of Samy Guisolan

Post Production
Animation Felix Helfer

3D François Jaquier

Color grading François Jaquier

Sound design Felix Helfer / Nikola Bartek