To the measure of each exploit, the watch that allows to measure it


Crazy performance

Extreme sports require specialized equipment, and a reliable watch is one of them. Our mission: to follow the brand's ambassadors through their various exploits... mission accomplished !

Client Favre Leuba
Project Commercial
Platform Web


Client Favre Leuba
Concept / Production Ramon + Pedro
Creative directors Laurent Fauchère / Antoine Tinguely
Account director Marine Ruscio

Directors Laurent Fauchère / Valentin Graff
Producer Marine Ruscio
Assistant producer Aude Vogt
DoP David Beauman / Artaban
Ice climbing cameraman Daniel Bleuer
Ski cameraman Scott Goedkoop
Diver cameraman Francis Blétry
Drone Scott Goedkoop, Guillaume Darbellay
DoP Assistants Romain Chautems
Ski athlete Yann Rausis
Ice climbing athlete Nicolas Hojac
Diver athlete Sandrine Blétry

Post Production
Editing Valentin Graff
Compositing Felix Helfer
Color grading François Jaquier
Storyboard Nayon Kim