An ode to life, through several stories and characters who always have a smile


Smile with full teeth

Hand in hand with Shine communication, we got our teeth into a campaign which aimed to build a life story around several scenes of daily life in the bathroom.

Client Shine communication
Project Brand Film
Platform TV / WEB


Client GUM
Concept / Production Ramon + Pedro
Creative directors Laurent Fauchère / Valentin Graff
Account director Fanny Vuattoux / Tanya Weber

Directors Laurent Fauchère / Valentin Graff
Producer Fanny Vuattoux / Tanya Weber
Assistant producer Marine Brot
Casting director Claudia Tobler
DoP David Baumann
Make-up artist Elisabeth Péclard
Set designer Natasha Pont
Stylist Cécile

Post Production

Lead ditor Valentin Graff
Assistant editor Romain Chautems
Color grading François Jaquier