Celestial journey through watchmaking


Time at the measure of time

Jaeger-LeCoultre came to us to realize and produce twenty videos about their products and the watchmaking skills of their master craftsmen to unveil the new innovations of the brand in 2022. Timepieces including the most advanced and precise mechanisms that represent and even predict celestial phenomena.

Client Jaeger-LeCoultre
Project Celestial
Platform Web / Social


Client Jaeger-LeCoultre
Concept / Production Ramon + Pedro

Creative directors Laurent Fauchère / Antoine Tinguely
Account director Tanya Weber

Directors Laurent Fauchère / Valentin Graff
Producer Tanya Weber
DoP David Baumann
Set designer Natasha Pont

Post Production
Lead editor Valentin Graff
Assistant editor Mathieu Oguey
Color grading François Jaquier
Sound Brian Bendahan