Once a tragedy occurs, we often wonder “what if I could go back in time?…” This is precisely what we suggest in this film. We run our story (based on true events) backwards, from a dramatic occurrence to a peaceful moment between a mother and her son.

the project

Mission: To create an emotional film featuring the AbioSCOPE a device that can detect sepsis from a single drop of blood within just a few minutes.
Key messages: Using the AbioSCOPE technology can save lives when it comes to sepsis. With the nanotechnology used, we can get results in seconds instead of days when using “old school” testing.
Takeaways: Raise awareness among the general public about Sepsis so that they will ask to be tested if in doubt.


Here is a great reference and an old favorite of ours: MEMENTO by C. Nolan.


motion control

We used a robotic arm that allows for extremely fast movements, that can then be perceived in the ultra-slow motion scenes. It’s all about timing, and many takes are required to get the perfect shot.

Behind the scene