C+ Ligue 1 Kick off

We are thrilled to share new promos that we created for Canal+. The brief was wide open; create funny, off beat and celebratory film(s) inviting the viewer to tune in for the main sporting event this summer: The kick off of the French football “Ligue 1’“ summer season.


TV viewers have lived without French Ligue 1 for several months due to the summer break. Everyone is in a state of extreme impatience. To the point where unexpected rituals occur in everyday situations. 


For people who might not be familiar with it, this ritual is based on the fact that when an In stadium announcer presents the line-up of each team, he says the first name of each player and the entire crowd screams simultaneously the family name. Here is an example:


Since the promos mostly rely on physical comedy, we organized rehearsals with part of our cast to explore the various forms of celebrations.


And a quick behind the scene…