JIMMY is a French channel that plays original international series with strong and controversial characters; modern world anti-heroes. The brief of this rebrand was; for the stars of the series to embody the channel and to encourage the die hard viewers to share their passion with others. The solutions we brought were a new logo, grid system, visual treatment as well as a participatory quiz system.


A series of blocs create an intriguing and playful brand.


We created a grid that ensured consistency while facilitating in-house production. 


We came up with practical way of morphing the raw material of the channel (the series themselves) into unique moving imagery. A camera is mounted onto a drill when rotating at full speed, the extreme circular motion blur creates mesmerizing backplates.


Network ID’s are made of powerful lines from our anti-heroes and strong images from the shows.

Qui suis-je?

Another quiz where the viewer must guess the anti-heroes name based on three clues.

Qui a dit?

A multiple answer quiz asking the viewer who said a certain quote.


Fun promos bringing a new spin on a word’s definition.